Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras List

Discover the rise of full-frame mirrorless cameras, blending DSLR quality with the convenience of a smaller, lighter design.

Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras List
A popular mirrorless full-frame camera – Canon EOS RP

In digital photography and videography the current trend is clearly shifting in the direction of full-frame mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras. Mirrorless interchangeble-lens cameras are often abbreviated as DSLM (Digital Single Lens Mirrorless). As the technology gets cheaper the digital cameras with full-frame sensors become affordable to broader masses of amateurs and professionals.

A full-frame mirrorless camera is a mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera with a digital sensor the same size as 35mm format (36mm × 24mm) film. Full-frame mirrorless cameras unite advantages of two worlds: the mirrorless form-factor (that became popular in cameras with smaller crop sensors) and the full-frame sensor size (previously available only on DSLRs). Compared to full-frame DSLRs (digital single-lens reflex cameras) mirrorless full-frame cameras are smaller in size, have less weight, some models with electronic shutter can take pictures almost silently. Compared to mirrorless cameras with smaller micro four thirds and APS-C sensors, full-frame mirrorless cameras can contain more megapixels on their (bigger) sensors and hence have the greater amount of detail that can be captured in a picture. Often, but not always, full-frame sensors can better perform in low light conditions.

Below are the lists of all known mirrorless full-frame cameras, sorted by the brands like Canon, Sony, Panasonic or Nikon. There are rumors that other, not listed here, photo companies and brands are willing to enter the full-frame mirrorless camera market in the near future.

Canon Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras

  1. Canon EOS R
  2. Canon EOS RP
  3. Canon EOS Ra

The Canon EOS R is a 30.1 megapixel full-frame mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera launched by Canon in October 2018. It is the first camera to use Canon’s new RF lens mount. Canon continued their line of full-frame mirrorless cameras by launching the Canon EOS RP with a 26.2 megapixel sensor in February 2019.

Sony Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras

  1. Sony α7 (model ILCE-7; aka Sony a7, Sony Alpha 7)
  2. Sony α7 II (model ILCE-7M2; aka Sony a7 II, Sony Alpha 7 II)
  3. Sony α7 III (model ILCE-7M3; aka Sony a7 III, Sony Alpha 7 III)
  4. Sony α7S (model ILCE-7S; aka Sony a7S, Sony Alpha 7S)
  5. Sony α7S II (model ILCE-7SM2; aka Sony a7S II, Sony Alpha 7S II)
  6. Sony α7R (model ILCE-7R; aka Sony a7R, Sony Alpha 7R)
  7. Sony α7R II (model ILCE-7RM2; aka Sony a7R II, Sony Alpha 7R II)
  8. Sony α7R III (model ILCE-7RM3; aka Sony a7R III, Sony Alpha 7R III)
  9. Sony α9 (model ILCE-9; aka Sony a9, Sony Alpha 9)

Panasonic Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras

  1. Panasonic Lumix S1
  2. Panasonic Lumix S1R

In September 2018, Panasonic unveiled two new mirrorless full-frame cameras with the newly developed 35mm full-frame sensor. The Lumix S1R and S1 are the world’s first cameras equipped with both a 4K 60p video recording function and a Dual I.S. Image stabilization system. The new full-frame sensor of the Lumix S1R provide an impressive 47 megapixel resolution and 24 megapixels in the Lumix S1.

Nikon Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras

  1. Nikon Z 6 (aka Nikon Z6)
  2. Nikon Z 7 (aka Nikon Z7)

The Nikon Z 7 is a 45.7 megapixel full-frame mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera that was officially announced on August 23, 2018, for release in September 2018. It was the first camera to use Nikon’s new Z-mount system; the second model, released in November 2018, was the 24.5 megapixel Nikon Z 6.

Leica Full-Frame Mirrorless Cameras

  1. Leica M9
  2. Leica M (Typ 240)
  3. Leica M10
  4. Leica M (Typ 262)
  5. Leica M Monochrom
  6. Leica SL
  7. Leica SL (Typ 601)

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